Ultractive is a fast-dissolving, high-dose magnesium supplement. It acts fast and ensures that a maximum of magnesium is absorbed. Magnesium is a mineral that contributes to energy production, normal muscle function and stress reduction.

Magnesium, vital for your health

Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 processes in the body. The mineral helps to generate energy and contributes to keeping your heart, blood pressure and brain working normally. All your muscles and organs, such as your heart, stomach and kidneys, need magnesium.

75% of adults suffer from magnesium deficiency

Because of our dietary patterns today…

Because your body cannot create magnesium for itself, you need to get it from foods such as spinach, beans, nuts, seeds, water and fish. Insufficient magnesium consumption is partly caused by today’s diets and the modern food industry that produces foods lacking in magnesium. But even healthy foods contain less and less magnesium. The reasons for this include food processing, the exhaustion of agricultural land and the use of preservatives.

... and also because of stress, sport and pregnancy.

At stressful times, if you are pregnant or during intensive sports or heavy physical work, your body consumes more magnesium than usual. That is another reason why your body needs extra magnesium.

Complaints related to magnesium deficiency

Various symptoms indicate a lack of magnesium. If you recognise any of these symptoms, you may have a deficiency.

Not all magnesium supplements are equally effective

Supplements can provide a solution for your magnesium deficiency. However, today’s magnesium tablets and capsules have their limitations. They often work too slowly, do not dissolve properly or the dose is too low. This means your body does not absorb enough magnesium and cannot function optimally. Ideally, a supplement should contain a high dose and dissolve completely.

Ultractive compared to other magnesium brands

What makes ULTRACTIVE better than other magnesium supplements:

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